Watch as this drone flies out and then takes off from a moving car

The Polestar O2 is the electric car manufacturer’s latest concept car model and on the myriad of sustainable materials used to create it, it has a particularly epic party involving a drone.

Watch as this drone flies out and then takes off from a moving car
Watch as this drone flies out and then takes off from a moving car

The fully electric, two-door sports car actually has four seats inside and its hardtop retractable, turning it into a convertible – as Polestar has pointed out, you’ll be able to enjoy a more relaxing hood-lowering experience without the sound of a traditional engine.

No performance specs have yet been revealed for the Polestar O2, but the company claims it is “lively, light and full of confidence” and offers an “exciting, spirited driving feel” thanks to its bonded aluminium platform.

Inside, recycled polyester is the only material used for all cabin software components, while the different types of aluminum used on the car are clearly labeled, so they can be efficiently recycled when the car’s life cycle ends. .

All right – let’s get to the real reason you’re here. Drones. Yes, the Polestar O2 has its own cinematic drone – a concept built by Hoco Flow itself – that has been integrated behind the rear seats.

This drone (you can see in the video above) can be launched through a central 15-inch touchscreen in the car and watch the drone reach out of the active body and move along a line in the back of the vehicle to the launch pad.

What’s even more impressive is that this can happen when the car is in motion. Polestar engineers have created a unique wing that protrudes the back of the rear seats to create a static airbag for the drone to take off.

Polestar hasn’t revealed whether the drone can take off at a specific speed, but we hope you won’t be able to deploy it if you’re moving very fast.

Once in the air, the drone can automatically track your car at speeds of up to 56mph and you have two different flight style options, depending on the scene you want to capture.

There’s a scene in the air that’s best for a beach excursion and a gentler drive in the countryside, or you can choose a more action scene for more sporty footage.

After you’re done shooting, the drone can also go back to the car on its own, and you can edit and share footage from the home screen in the cabin when parked.

Will you be able to buy an EV with a drone?

Since polestar O2 is a concept, it will not be sold. So can we really buy a hard-toped Polestar (or any vehicle) with its own drone? It certainly won’t happen in the near future, as the company has planned for the next three vehicles in its growing all-electric lineup.

The current Polestar 2 will join the Polestar 3 – the automaker’s first performance SUV – in 2022, and the Polestar 4 compact coupe SUV will join the pack in 2023.

Then, in 2024, we will have the four-door Polestar 5, which the brand says will be the development of the gt Polestar Precept performance concept announced in 2020.

According to this timeline, it may be another four years until we see the Polestar O2 converted into a proper consumer vehicle on the road – so it’s possible to include it in your calendar for 2026.

It’s highly unlikely they’ll integrate drones for any of the three upcoming vehicles, but Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath isn’t ruling out anything, saying the O2 concept “opens the door to our secret room of future potential. This is a taste of what we can design and engineer with the talent and technology that we have in the house. ”


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