I just walked a magic carpet in this car.

Aladdin is not included.

“I can show you the world,” Aladdin famously sang, “… on a magic carpet” and after getting behind the wheel of my latest car, I’m so close to molting about my Jasmine outfit as I now experience what feels like the famous Disney princess.

I just walked a magic carpet in this car.
I just walked a magic carpet in this car.

I traveled with Citroën to Barcelona to drive the French automaker’s latest premium product, the C5 X, which is at the top of the company’s list of vehicles, on the C4 and C5 AirCross.

The Citroën C5 is located in an awkward middle ground as it’s a cross between a gas car and an SUV, but it’s certainly not the only car in the belated category, with so many other similar vehicles stuck in an identity crisis — the Polestar 2 and kia EV6.

That’s not a problem, and the benefit is that the Citroën CX 5 provides impressive internal space, not only for the front seat, but also those sitting in the back row, while providing plenty of luggage space at the back.

The car is equipped with Citroën’s latest technology, including the feature that gave me the magical carpeted ride.

It’s a whole new world.

Citroën has a rich history when it comes to a smooth, comfortable ride on his vehicles. Its famous pneumatic suspension dates back nearly 70 years to the Citroën Traction Avant in 1954.

In the decades since, Citroën has improved and designed its suspension into increasingly sophisticated services, and the next generation made its world debut on the C5 X. It’s what the company calls providing flight mat effects.

Known as the Citroën Advanced Comfort Active Suspension, it features exclusively on the C5 X’s plug-in hybrid (PHEV) style, with the standard gasoline model following the previous generation’s technology, missing the ‘Active’ part of the next system.

So what does the addition of ‘Active’ in its name really mean? Well, Citroën says it “combines progressive Hydraulic Cushioning with active suspension control system. The high feedback system will manually adjust the suspension of each wheel, softening or hardening, depending on the driving conditions encountered.”

The C5 X is equipped with a series of sensors that scan the front line and adjust the suspension accordingly, ensuring those inside the cabin feel very few defects on the road.

And it definitely does a good job. I drove the all-electric Citroën eC4 last year, which in itself offers a pretty smooth ride, but there’s a clear step forward when driving the C5 X.

The C5 X is not driving, it glides. As I passed through the center of Barcelona, it was clear that the trip was smooth. The defects on the road that we devoured were not only a very slight slip and extremely smooth.

As we exited the city and went into the winding, more hilly roads, the suspension continued to impress on the more rugged runway.

Add some impressive soundproofing, which helps keep the noise on the road to a minimum plus the time that the C5X plug-in drives in all-electric mode and I find myself in a peaceful space, similar to what I imagined of a trip on the magic carpet to be.

The premium driving feel and the only car I’ve driven that can really claim to offer a better driving experience is the Rolls-Royce Ghost – which costs ten times more than the Citroën C5 X.

Rags or wealthy?

So the Citroën C5 X has a high-end ride, there’s no doubt about it. There’s also plenty of space for people and luggage, a new touchscreen infotainment system that brings more features, and an easier-to-use interface for the large home screen on the C5 X.

And while this is Citroën’s most premium car, it’s sure to match the top cars from other brands, right? Well, not quite.

There are a lot of interesting things about the C5 X, but from the moment I use this car so far (I’ve been driving it for just over two hours at the time of writing), one thing that stands out to me almost immediately is the interior.

Citroen claims they provide lounge furniture for the C5 X, and while the seats are admittedly comfortable and the head compartment is spacious, it’s hard to ignore the plastic strips that surround you. Now, itself is not an instant red flag, a lot of vehicles rely heavily on plastic-like materials, but in the C5 X there are some things that can feel cheap.

The plastic cap that you can pull through the wireless phone charger and the keystrokes feel particularly light, while some of the switches and buttons on the steering wheel and around the driver’s position also don’t have the same aesthetic quality as you such as finding an Audi or Mercedes.

In terms of the defense of the C5 X, although it is the Citroën’s most advanced car, its price is significantly lower than the German rivals I mentioned above.

Prices for the Citroën C5 X plug-in hybrid start at £35,180 (about US$46,000/AU$62,000) for the ‘Sense Plus’ input model and a maximum of up to £38,670 (about US$50,000/AU$68,000) for the ‘Shine Further’ linehead – so some compromises will have to be made throughout the process.

And it’s okay, because I can’t wait to get back on my magic carpet.
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