How to sell a car as an executor

Once the property has been made or avoided probate, then the property may be distributed at the discretion of the will or local law. If the deceased person’s car has no place to go specifically, the person on duty can sell it. The buyer must be responsible before the law for changing the name, changing the name, but the executor must provide sufficient documents for the vehicle to be transferred. Collect documents before you list the car for sale.

How to sell a car as an executor
How to sell a car as an executor

Step 1

Request a will letter from the probate court confirming that you are the executor of the estate and that you are legally allowed to sell the vehicle. This shows that the debts of the estate are taken care of.

Step 2

Get a copy of the death certificate by contacting the Department of Health, the Important Statistical Registrar, or the Records Bureau in your state. The funeral home you used can also help you get records. Put it in a profile to give to the buyer.

Step 3

Place the car title with a recent distance measurement, all repair records, and insurance records for the car in the folder.

Step 4

Contact your Motor Vehicle Department for the form you need to transfer the car. It will likely be an oath of ownership transfer.

Step 5

Make a list of cars to sell as usual.

Step 6

Ask the new owner to fill out an affidavit with you. Fill in information about the car, including the VIN number and title number. Submit forms and other documents to the Department of Motor Vehicles along with mandatory fees.


Regulations vary from state to state. In some states, you’ll have to go to the DMV yourself and transfer ownership to your name in the same form before you can sell it to someone else. California, for example, demands this while Indiana does not.


Make sure that all of the property’s debts, including taxes, are paid off before you plan to sell the property.


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