How to buy a used tow truck

If you’re interested in starting a re-owning or trailer business, you don’t need to buy or rent brand new trucks. Instead, you can find used tractor-trailers to serve your business. If you only need a tractor-trailer for personal use, you can buy a used one for yourself. Tractors come in a variety of sizes and engine types, often referred to as light, medium and heavy duty.

How to Buy Used Tow Trucks
How to Buy Used Tow Trucks

Step 1

Make a list to determine what you need to use a tractor-trailer for and what kind of truck you need. Tractors come in different types of engines and different sizes. For example, you may need trucks for a business or you may just need them to move things around your farm. Once you know why you need trucks and what you’re going to do with them, it can help you determine the best type of used tow truck for you.

Step 2

Assess your financial situation to determine how you will pay for your trailer purchase. Check the balances in your checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards. If you don’t have enough cash to make purchases, you may have to apply for a loan at your local bank. To do that, simply fill out the application form with the details of your income and employment.

Step 3

Browse used tow truck listings on sites such as eBay Motors, Lynch Truck Center, Oodle Vehicle, and Fleet Sales West (see Resources). Stick to the list of trucks that meet your needs. By looking at different websites, you can get an idea of the fair market value of used trucks so as not to overpay.

Step 4

Pay for your used trailer after you come to an agreement on the price. Sign the sales invoice with the seller, which is your contract of sale. The seller must sign the tractor title for you to complete the sale and transfer ownership of the vehicle.

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