2023 Unofficial rendering image of BMW 7 Series Remove Split Headlights

One version recalls the thin face of the third-generation E38, while the other has a recent BMW design language.

2023 BMW 7 Series Unofficial Renderings Remove The Split Headlights
2023 BMW 7 Series Unofficial Renderings Remove The Split Headlights

Bmw’s seventh-generation flagship sedan is already here. The 2023 7 Series officially launches on April 20, offering an option of an internal combustion engine or an all-electric engine with the all-new i7. Whether you choose fossil fuels or electricity to power, both cars have large grilles and detachable headlight designs that definitely get people talking about.

Design is subjective, and much has been said about BMW’s new design language. The detached design will be a standout feature on future flagship models, but according to the majority of comments in our BMW 7 Series launch post, people aren’t excited about that idea. Thanks to some timely digital editing from rendering artist Nikita Chuiko at Kolesa, we can see what the full-size sedan might look like not one but two other conventional formats.

The first is the rendering stated at the beginning of this article. The split lights have disappeared, instead a pair of narrow lenses next to a significantly smaller grille. The turbid lines on the lower compartment plate are also smoother, although the vents in the vertical angle are still retained. According to Chuiko, the inspiration for this unofficial molt came from the E38 7-Series launched in the mid-1990s. We can certainly see that influence in the narrow aspect.

The second 7 Series rendering (above) can be considered an evolution of the previous generation model. The headlights and grille are larger than the other design, and the front is squarely designed with prominent vertical vents forming a rectangle that extends to the width of the car. The grille establishes several intermediate points between the incoming and outgoing sedan, maintaining the width of the new car with the overall drop of the old one.

Those who are unhappy with the 7 Series on the outside can at least feel comfort when relaxing inside. That’s especially true for rear-seat passengers, who can lounge out while watching an interesting movie on a 31-inch screen that can be folded down from the roof. The front-seated driver and passenger also have great screens to watch, with a 12.3-inch digital cluster with a 14.9-inch central display. And if that’s not enough, the thrust provided by the 536 hp (400 kilowatts) available in the 760i xDrive or i7 xDrive60 will be enough to elicit some smiles.


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